About Us

Originally established in 1983, Balston Agius is experienced in the fields of architecture, landscape design, landscape planning, horticulture and garden management. Currently, seven full time staff are employed and if a project requires additional expertise then our excellent links with experienced consultants enable us to employ the best external resources.

Our main offices are in Wiltshire and London. As a small company, we guarantee a personal service. We are selective in the projects we take on in order to ensure that each individual job continually receives the closest attention.

Although the heart of the business is the creative design of landscapes, gardens and their buildings, Balston Agius also carries out other related tasks such as Landscape Planning, Management and Costing Reviews where required, as well as Public Inquiries.

Over the past few years, the company has become involved with several substantial urban design projects mostly in the west of China. These include concepts for parks in Aletai and Fuhai in the north of Xinjiang. Parks have also been designed for sites in and around Chongqing.

More frequently however, our focus has been on a wide range of large privately owned projects in the UK. Throughout the life of the company, our key objective has always remained on design, although projects have become more diverse. Frequently we have been part of a design consortium, involving planners, architects, ecologists, energy consultants, and sculptors. Our philosophy subscribes to flexibility and the use of concentrated expertise when required.

From the mid-1980’s the company was well-established with a wide range of work, mostly in the UK with a few European projects. They ranged from Show exhibits at the smallest and most intensive end of the scale, to large scale country parks and gardens. There was also a steady flow of urban work from roof gardens and shared spaces, such as offices, hotels and public spaces in London, Oxford and Bristol and Paris. A number of commercial projects were also undertaken in Paris.

In October 2010 Balston & Company incorporated and now trades as Balston Agius Ltd – registered in England and Wales 07308439