How We Work
Costs & Fees

Costs are assessed at every stage of the project as they can vary enormously depending on the method of procurement. Normally we recommend that a quantity surveyor is engaged by the Client in order to proceed with confidence that the scheme can be implemented within budget.

  • Fees for Stages 1-2 (Inception to Final Plan) are either fixed at the outset – with agreement being reached on an estimate submitted after an initial consultation visit – or they are charged on a time related basis.
  • Fees for Stages 3-4 (Production Information) depend entirely on the complexity of the job. For example, design costs for water features are much greater than for paving. An estimate for fees for this stage will usually be given, either as a percentage of the construction costs for works valued at over £250,000, or calculated on a time basis.
  • Fees for Stage 5 (Operations on Site) are charged on time basis, with the number of visits dependent upon the complexity of the works.
  • Fees for Stage 6 (Planting) are charged on a time basis or included under Stages 3-5. Again, fees will vary depending on the complexity of the layout.
  • Fees for Stage 7 (Management) and Stage 8 (Miscellaneous works) are charged on a time basis.
  • Fees are quoted exclusive of VAT and details can be found in our Conditions of Engagement (forwarded on request).